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Cute Instagrams and TikToks From the Husky Eight Pack

I'd Very Much Like to Be the Ninth Member of This Husky Pack — Where Can I Sign Up?

When I was younger, I wanted my life to be like Eight Below, the movie about a group of sled dogs and their special bond with their guide — minus being trapped in an arctic snowstorm. But seriously, who didn't want a whole pack of furry friends? Fast forward to 2020, and I discover a family basically living out my dreams in New Hampshire with a house full of eight Siberian huskies. Call me a little jealous!

Nova, Akira, Mina, Sienna, Trevao, Cyrus, Cyprus, and Tundra make up the pack and range in age from 1 to 6 years old. I'm currently trying to figure out how I can integrate myself into their lives. Though I've decided if I can't have them, I'll settle for the next best thing and obsessively follow them on social media. Lucky for all of us, their owners document a lot of the pups' lives on Instagram and TikTok (@eight_fluffytails). Take a look at these 30 pictures and videos of some of their cutest moments, and tell me you're not in love with them, too!

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