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Funny Video Comparing Cat and Dog Owners

A Comedian Made a Video Comparing Dog and Cat Owners, and It's Just Hilarious

Dog People vs Cat People

Dog People vs Cat People

Posted by Trey Kennedy on Thursday, August 27, 2020

As someone who's owned both cats and dogs throughout her life, I can confirm that they provide us humans with very different experiences. While I love taking my black Lab on long walks, there's also something utterly calming about curling up with your cat and a good book. Recently, comedian Trey Kennedy pointed out the funny differences between cat and dog owners in a hilarious video, and he's pretty dang accurate.

Some of our favourites moments? When high-energy dog owners refer to their dogs as "their little guys" or to themselves as a "proud father." Cat owners, on the other hand, know their place in the hierarchy as "the servant." Yup, that checks out.

Whether you can't wait to hit the dog park as soon as you're done working or prefer to meditate on the floor with your cat after a long day, pets just always make our days better. While you don't have to fully identify as one specific type of pet owner, we can't help but the love juxtaposition. Watch until the end to see all the differences between cat and dog owners.

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