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Litter-Box Hack to Stop Cats From Making a Mess on the Floor

Your Kitties Can Have Their Own Litter-Box Palace Thanks to This Affordable Hack

Not sure who I saw post this literbox hack earlier this week, but it's genius! Maxine now has her own luxury bathroom and I have liter free floors! 🐈

Posted by Steve Fletcher onΒ Thursday, October 15, 2020

As much as I adore my cats, having to constantly vacuum up litter β€” and, yes, the rare turd β€” they've tracked through my apartment gets old fast. While I typically place rubber mats outside their litter boxes in an effort to keep the mess at bay, a man named Steve Fletcher created a setup for his kitty Maxine using a plastic storage tote that will please humans and cats alike.

"Not sure who I saw post this [litter box] hack earlier this week, but it's genius!" Steve wrote on Facebook. "Maxine now has her own luxury bathroom and I have [litter] free floors."

All humans have to do to turn their feline's litter box into an oasis is a cut a sizable hole into the side of a plastic storage tote. From there, place a few strips of cheap carpet or an old towel on the floor of the bin before putting your litter box on top. Steve even added a fun motion-sensor light to give Maxine a little brightness just in case she needs to use the loo at night! Plus, as someone who has had cats all her life, the tub's plastic lid should also contain the smell β€” and that's a win for everyone.

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