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Pit Bull Dogs Listening to a Story on TikTok | Video

I Can't Stop Laughing at These 2 Dogs Reacting to Their Owner Saying Their Favourite Words


Whoever says dogs don’t understand us are wrong❤️ #pitbullsoftiktok

♬ Story time with your dogs favorite words - kaitlyn_daughtry

Two Pit Bulls named Mila and Huxley are about to make your whole dang week with an adorable and hilarious TikTok video. In the video, the pair's owner, Kaitlyn Daughtry, tells her pooches a story featuring all of their keywords, like "Grandma's house," "walk," and "ride;" and their reactions get better and better as the clip goes on.

From the get, Mila's sceptical as soon as she hears the "Hey, you guys," signaling the beginning of the story. Meanwhile, Huxley, who is lying in front of her, does the classic dog head tilt through the entire video — back and forth and back and forth at the sound of each familiar word. These two are seriously too cute! Watch the full video above, and follow Kaitlyn on TikTok for more Mila and Huxley videos.

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