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The Dark Sides of Each Zodiac Sign

Your Toxic Trait, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The Dark Sides of Each Zodiac Sign
Image Source: Getty / Nadia Audigie

When people look at their astrological sign, they most often want to find some sense of personal identity, some redeeming qualities or explanations that make them feel understood and seen. And while there is so much celebration of the "good" and positive qualities that come with learning about your sun sign, it's worth understanding the "bad" traits of each sign, too.

These negative traits or weaknesses are sometimes called the "shadow side" — and though they may seem less exciting than the positive attributes of your sun sign, the shadow side illustrates how powerful, and maybe even healing, the dark side can be.

Let's take a look at each of the zodiac signs to learn a little bit about the toxic traits of each one. Just remember that even though these things may be generally labelled as weaknesses or "bad" traits, they're simply things for you to be mindful of and potentially use to grow.

And also, your sun sign is just one small piece of your birth chart. Just because a particular characteristic is called out here doesn't necessarily mean you embody that quality, that it's a permanent part of your personality, or that you need to change. In the end, we're each beautiful, whole humans as we are — shadow sides included.

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