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Funny Tweets About Mercury in Retrograde

24 Tweets About Mercury in Retrograde That Will Make You Say, "Wow, Same"

Funny Tweets About Mercury in Retrograde

A few times of year, it can be hard to go anywhere without hearing about Mercury in retrograde. If you're into astrology, you know that when Mercury is in retrograde, it can mean massive disruptions in your life. And if you're not into it and are only just noticing that nothing seems to be going your way right now, it happens a few times per year when Mercury moves in the opposite direction of Earth. In other words, hello chaos, communication breakdowns (think broken electronics), and bad luck.

For some, Mercury retrograde is a time to be flexible and take a break from technology. For others, it's a convenient excuse for their problems. However you feel about Mercury in retrograde, we can always rely on Twitter for some relatable tweets about this astrological phenomenon to survive, and hopefully make it through unscathed. Keep reading to see them all now, and be prepared to laugh until your cheeks hurt.

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