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Leo Zodiac Baby Names

52 Roarsome Baby Names For a Leo

If your baby arrives between July 23 and Aug. 22, then you've got a Leo in your life. Those born under this star sign are said to be natural-born leaders, like the lion that represents this fifth sign of the zodiac. Their ruling planet is the sun, their element is fire, and they're said to be full of passion, creativity, bravery, and ambition. Take inspiration from these associations with our suggestions for Leo-appropriate baby names, and find out which celebrities share your astrological sign.

Names For Leo Boys

  1. Aidan — this Irish-Gaelic name means "little fiery one"
  2. Apollo — the Greek sun god
  3. Archibald — this Teutonic name means "truly brave"
  4. Aslan — this Turkish name means "lion"
  5. Aurelius — this Latin name means "the golden one"
  6. Bowie — this Scottish-Gaelic name means "golden haired"
  7. Cyrus — this Persian name means "like the sun"
  8. Daniel — in the Bible, Daniel was cast in to the den of lions
  9. Dorado — this Spanish name means "the golden one"
  10. Gautier — this French name means "powerful ruler"
  11. Goldwin/Goldwyn — this Old English name means "a golden friend"
  12. Helio/Helios — a Spanish-Greek name means "the sun"
  13. Leander — this Greek name means "the lion man"
  14. Leo — this Latin name means "lion"
  15. Leon — this Greek name means "lion"
  16. Leonard/Lennard/Leonardo — these names mean "brave as a lion"
  17. Linus — this Greek name means "golden haired"
  18. Lionel — this Old French name means "young lion"
  19. Llewellyn — this Welsh name means "lion-like"
  20. Raphael — this Hebrew name means "the angel of the sun"
  21. Ravi — a title of the Hindu sun god
  22. Rex — this Latin name means "king"
  23. Reynold — this Old English name means "wise, powerful ruler"
  24. Roderick — this Teutonic name means "renowned ruler"
  25. Sampson/Samson — this Hebrew name means "splendid sun child"
  26. Sol — the Latin sun god
  27. Sulwyn — this Welsh name means "the fair sun"

Names For Leo Girls

  1. Aamor — this Breton name means "a sunbeam"
  2. Amaterasu — the Japanese goddess of the sun
  3. Apollonia — the feminine form of the Greek name Apollo, the sun god
  4. Aurelia/ Oralie — this Latin name means "golden"
  5. Cressida — this Greek name means "golden one"
  6. Danielle — the feminine form of Daniel, who was cast in to the den of lions
  7. Eileen — this Irish-Gaelic name means "the light of the sun"
  8. Elaine — this Scottish name means "shining light"
  9. Eldora — this Spanish name means "golden one"
  10. Eleanor/Ellie — this Greek name means "shining light, the bright one"
  11. Flavia — this Latin name means "golden-haired one"
  12. Gilda — this Old English name means "coated with gold"
  13. Goldie — this English name means "golden one"
  14. Helen/Helena — this Greek name means "the light of the sun"
  15. Kira — this Persian name means "the sun"
  16. Leona — this Latin name means "lioness"
  17. Leonie/Léonie — this Latin-French name means "lioness"
  18. Leonora — this Latin name means "the light of the sun"
  19. Morag — this Scottish-Gaelic name means "the sun"
  20. Ora — this Latin name means "golden"
  21. Pele — the Hawaiian goddess of fire
  22. Regina — this Latin name means "a queen"
  23. Reine — this French name means "a queen"
  24. Ulrika — this Scandanavian name means "ruler of all"
  25. Vesta — the Latin Goddess of the hearth
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