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What Does Self-Care Mean?

What Boring Self-Care Is and Why You Need It

Self-care is a common term you're probably familiar with and it's pretty simple, right? Taking some time out for yourself and giving yourself time to relax, refresh, and enjoy your own company. The term is typically used when referring to someone taking a bath, reading a good book, or taking a walk in nature. But for some people self-care means something different than just a pamper night; it means simply looking after yourself by tidying or caring for yourself.

The Mighty highlighted Hannah Daisy's #boringselfcare series as one that is particularly prevalent if you suffer from chronic illness, mental health, or disability. Hannah is an occupational therapist and talented artist, and by combining the two she has created a very powerful message. Hannah told POPSUGAR that her reasoning behind starting the project was to "raise awareness of the complexities of doing every day when you have an illness, disability, or are neurodiverse."
She noticed seeing self-care being "the "tumblr" kind of self-care which is often lovely but not always real." And that in her occupation self-care is discussed as "involving a much wider range of "occupations" or things you have to do every day." Generalising what self-care means for people can sometimes alienate those than find "simple" tasks more difficult than others.

She explains, "anyone who has had mental health problems or/and chronic illness would be able to relate as these everyday tasks can feel really difficult or impossible." As well as creating food for thought, she creates awareness of conditions like endometriosis and mental health and sheds light on what struggles people may be facing day to day.

Ahead, see more from Hannah's #boringselfcare series; it may help you reevaluate the way you think about self-care.

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