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4 Major Astrological Events Happening in 2022

Change Is on the Horizon, According to These Major Astrological Events in 2022


After a year that flew by in a second, 2022 is upon us, and though we're excited for the new year, we would definitely feel a bit better with some extra intel as we get ready for the year to come. One place we can always look to for answers? The stars. POPSUGAR caught up with Alice Bell, astrologer for British Vogue and co-host of the Astrology and You podcast, to get insight into what we'll be dealing with next year, astrologically speaking. According to Bell, a major theme for the year will be embracing change. (Just when you thought things hadn't changed enough lately.) Starting off with some optimistic energy from Jupiter, we'll also be experiencing a series of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio, and dealing with Saturn's placement in Aquarius. Here's what you can expect from the sky in 2022 and how it will impact your life.

Jupiter Moves Into Pisces From 28 Dec. to 10 May

In the final days of 2021, Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism, and expansion, will be moving into Pisces and staying there until 10 May. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, making this transit a more seamless one. "[Jupiter] just feels really comfortable there," Bell told POPSUGAR. "It can be free to be it's full, expansive, optimistic self. All those benefits of Jupiter, like learning, connecting to spirituality, and travel — I feel like that's what 2022 is starting off on."

The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was in the summer of 2021, a time when COVID-19 restrictions were on the decline and people were feeling more hopeful and able to travel, Bell pointed out. This Jupiter-Pisces connection indicates some hope that we can feel that way again, soon. "I just think people are going to start to feel a lot more optimistic, a lot more free to travel, and get back to more of a normal life," Bell said.

One thing's for sure, she said, "It's just a way less heavy energy than we felt this autumn."

Signs most affected: All mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini), but especially Pisces and Virgo, are going to have a great start to the year.

Jupiter Moves Into Aries on 10 May through 28 Oct.

After 10 May, Jupiter moves into Aries until 28 Oct., shifting the positive energy over to Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. It'll be a more expansive time for these signs, and Bell explained that this placement is still not as restrictive as what we've been experiencing this autumn, keeping the good energy from Jupiter in Pisces going. Travel will still be very much on our radar, with it becoming a priority during this time.

Signs most affected: The cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer), but especially Aries and Libra, are going to have a great summer and autumn.

Taurus and Scorpio Eclipses Throughout 2022

The Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series kicked off this past Nov. 19, but throughout 2022, we'll be experiencing more eclipses on this axis.

On 30 April, there will be a partial solar eclipse in Taurus. On 16 May, there will be a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. On 25 Oct., there will be a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio. And, on 8 Nov., there will be a total lunar eclipse in Taurus.

Eclipses always fall on either a new or full moon, and some astrologers like to think of them as super-charged versions of these already significant astrological events. When you think of an eclipse, think of big changes, shifts, and revelations. "Everyone can expect some element of change in their life or a realisation, like needing to do something differently, needing to go from this new start, and just kind of feeling unsettled or like a lot of changes going on around those dates," Bell explained.

While the Taurus eclipses indicate some shift in finances — perhaps in the world of cryptocurrency — Scorpio is a sign more interested in digging into deeper and more repressed emotions.

Signs most affected: Scorpio and Taurus — get ready for a year of self-discovery!

Saturn Is Still In Aquarius

Saturn, the planet associated with rules, limits, and authority, has been in Aquarius since December 2020, and it'll be there until March 2023.

"Saturn tends to bring restrictions or feeling like there's a lot of challenges placed on you, and like there's a lot of slow growth going on," Bell explained. The slowness of Saturn can feel frustrating sometimes, but in the sign of independent Aquarius, there's some hope for the changes that will come. "Globally, I would say Saturn in Aquarius is really just more about breaking down traditional structures and realising how people can come together more and be more innovative," Bell said.

As a sign, Aquarius is also focussed on technology, so we may also be seeing practical advances and innovation in that realm. When Saturn first went into Aquarius, Bell pointed out, we saw the rise in apps like TikTok and Zoom.

Signs most affected: Fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio) will have a year of tough personal growth.

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