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Gemini Personality Traits: Facts About the Zodiac Sign

Why Geminis Are Always Playing Devil's Advocate, According to an Astrologer

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Astrology has been a source of wisdom for hundreds of years, and many look to their birth charts to learn more about their zodiac signs and themselves. If you were born between May 21 and June 21, your sun is in Gemini, a sign characterized by intellect, wit, and love of a good debate. To delve deeper into what it means to be a Gemini, POPSUGAR spoke with professional astrologer Rebecca Gordon, who broke down the most prevalent traits of this unique zodiac sign.

Gemini Traits: They're Witty

"Geminis are ruled by Mercury, which is the fastest planet," Gordon tells POPSUGAR. "They're known for their mental agility. They are the disseminators of information. Their ability to metabolise information quickly is unlike any other member of the Zodiac." Gordon says that Geminis often make good journalists, reporters, and writers due to their ability to quickly process and communicate information.

Gemini Traits: They're Argumentative

Geminis love a good debate and will often take on the role of the opposing side simply for sport. "They love to learn and share, and they love even more to play devil's advocate," Gordon says, laughing. "They love the mental challenge. It's exercise. It's mental gymnastics for them." Are Geminis taking on the role of devil's advocate to push your buttons? No. It's simply a fun way for them to consider new viewpoints they maybe hadn't fully thought through before.

Gemini Traits: They're Curious

Along the same lines, Geminis are always trying to learn new things. They naturally gravitate towards the unknown and try to solve it. This also comes into play during their arguments. "A Gemini will be able to see 360 degrees on any issue," Gordon says. "They will see it from this angle, but more than that, they will love to challenge you from the opposite angle."

Gordon says that rather than thinking of Gemini's as "two-faced," she considers them good at seeing and showing both sides of the same coin. "They don't necessarily have an emotional attachment to either side; their job on the planet is perceptual awareness. It is to show you two sides of the same story," she says. Geminis often use this talent in a career in media. "They have an innate ability to see all sides of an issue, and that's why you see them in the media and journalism."

Gemini Traits: They're Charming

Geminis might have a reputation for being "two-faced," but in reality, they're quite charming. "They are certainly intelligent socialisers," Gordon says. "They can read a room, walk into a room, and talk to whoever they need to and find that person within the first few minutes. They can be strategic." As an air sign, Geminis can float around easily, shifting themselves based on who they're with in order to better connect with them and make them feel at ease.

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