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Shop Target's $20 Unicorn Sprinkler

Trust Me, You're Going to See This $20 Unicorn Sprinkler Everywhere

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With the exception of having sleepovers any night of the week and a serendipitous run-in with the ice cream truck, the best part about being a kid in the summer was spending hours running through your sprinkler. (I mean, I know I'm not the only one here.) Even though it moved the exact same way every single time, there was something exhilarating about being sprayed by a jet of water. It was refreshing and liberating, and it required zero fancy pool floats. (Ah, a simpler time.)

If you want to level up your fun in the sun — and embrace your inner child in the process — be prepared to fall in love with Sun Squad's Unicorn Sprinkler ($20). Yes, you read that correctly. This quirky (yet totally genius) pick is essentially an inflatable toy that can be blown up to a six-foot unicorn. Once your unicorn is standing tall in all its majestic glory, you can attach your hose to its belly, crank up the water pressure, and watch some H20 shoot out of the horn. Don't worry, reviewers say it's more of a mist than a Super Soaker-like spray.

Not only is it the perfect way to cool down during a heat wave, but the adorable unicorn shape will also be an A+ prop for your next TikTok. (Dare I say it's the new swan float?) And once the summer's over, you can deflate the unicorn and toss it in your closet for safekeeping. If you needed yet another reason to love Sun Squad's unicorn float, it's available at Target for $20. Let's be real, I've spent more money on sunscreen alone.

That said, there is a catch. You see, some reviewers have spotted holes on their unicorns. So if you want to stretch your dollar and ensure endless fun, double check the ground for sharp objects.

Technically, Sun Squad's unicorn sprinkler is marketed for kids ages 3 and up. So, sure, it'd be a fun present to give the little ones in your life. But if you want to give your kid at heart some extra love, you have my permission to buy an extra one for yourself.

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Shop Target's $20 Unicorn Sprinkler
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