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This New-Moon-in-Capricorn Bath Ritual Rings In 2024

This New-Moon-in-Capricorn Baño Will Help You Get Moving in the New Year

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As we welcome 2024, what is it that you wish for this year? The new moon in Sagittarius helped us bid farewell to 2023 by setting our curiosity and thirst for knowledge ablaze. Now, the Capricorn new moon swoops in to handle business.

Get your checklists ready and your goals in order, because anything is possible and this is the year you finally start believing it. The mysterious new moon sits calmly in the dark, observing and manifesting new sparks of creation. Utilise this energy to set your soul on fire. Capricorn is not afraid of work, but you don't have to exhaust yourself to see your wishes come true. Ease into it. Listen to your heart as you quiet your running mind. Set your intentions, speak it out loud, feel it, believe it, and take one step at a time to allow it to manifest from dream to reality.

The Capricorn half-goat, half-fish is symbolic of a dreamworld, with the goat representing the earth element and the fish representing a quest of inner searching. It's a beautiful balance. But make no mistake, Caps are here to leave a mark in this life. The 10th zodiac sign wants to master the universe. What is it that you want to master?

When Is the 2024 New Moon in Capricorn?

The new moon in Capricorn peaks on the auspicious date of Jan. 11, or 1/11, at 6:58 a.m. ET. This is a perfect morning to set your alarms early and begin with meditation before writing your wishes.

What Is the Meaning of the 2024 New Moon in Capricorn?

There are powerful areas of life you can set your intentions on during the new moon in Capricorn. Things like future security, reaching goals, success, recognition, and management skills are all associated with this sign. You are the star in your life. What do you wish for to get to that next level or to start something completely new?

Capricorn rules future needs so consider what you're doing today to ensure security when you're older. If you're unsure where to begin, turn to the new moon and set an intention to start making the right decisions with your money that will allow for an easy retirement.

This is certainly not the new moon to shy away from ambitions and successes. Capricorn rules goals and working with the Cap new moon can help you gain clarity on the opportunities that will lead you down your path to fulfilment and success. This powerful energy can also help shed anxiety around success so you know you are deserving of abundance and all the wonderful things life can bring.

If you are healing father-wounds, wish upon the new moon in Capricorn to find the best way to start mending that relationship if that is what you want to do. You can also set intentions to build healthy boundaries in your relationship with your dad that are mutually beneficial.

Some areas of the body Capricorn rules include bones and joints, knees, gall bladder, and skin. If you are challenged by arthritis and rheumatism, gallstones, or psoriasis, you can wish for a total restoration of health in those areas. Follow that with a spiritual baño and you will at the very least give yourself some relaxation under the Cap new moon.

What Is the Spiritual-Cleansing Prayer to Say During January's New Moon in Capricorn?

Dear God, I enter this new year intending to believe in myself more, and knowing that I can accomplish great things. I pray that you help lift me up in the moments I need it most this year while lighting my path so that I can see the way when I'm walking tall and strong. There is magic in this life. I have seen it in others, and now embrace it within myself. I am ready for this journey to truly begin. So be it.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With January's new moon in Capricorn?

The Devil: This tarot card reminds you that too much of anything is not good. Finding a balance is necessary for a joyful life. Temptations and self-doubt will come, but you don't have to lean into them.

Which Chakra Goes With January's New Moon in Capricorn?

Root: Capricorn is an earth sign that is ready to make things happen in this life, grounded, true, and rooted.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For January's New Moon in Capricorn


  • Garnet, Tiger's eye, malachite crystals
  • Rosemary, tulsi or holy basil, and ginseng herbs
  • Coriander, eucalyptus, and lemongrass essential oils
  • Red candle
  • Sea salt
  • Florida Water
  • Rue Water
  • Sage
  • Palo santo
  • Pansies or African violet flowers


  1. It's the start of a new year so take care of cleaning your space properly before beginning your spiritual work. You can incorporate ingredients from your spiritual bath to physically clean your space. For example, add a few splashes of Florida Water to your mop water to add an extra layer of fresh energy.
  2. Now, light some sage and allow the smoke to waft throughout your space. Watch as the smoke dances around the room and thank it for its cleansing properties. Do the same with some palo santo. Don't forget to allow the smoke to circle you as you pray, sing, and say works for gratitude.
  3. Begin filling your tub with warm water and add one cup of sea salt. Mix it in with your hands until it dissolves. Move in any way your body is calling you to.
  4. Add three splashes of Florida Water, several drops of your choice of essential oil, and one quick splash of rue water, which is great for cleansing negative and stale energy. Mix in with your hands and take deep inhales of the fragrance filling the space.
  5. Add a couple of handfuls of herbs and mix them into your bath water.
  6. Finally, cover the top of the water with flowers. African violets have a history of being used in healing rituals like baños, so allow this floral companion to do its work, but it is not to be consumed.
  7. Soak for 20 to 40 minutes and emerge feeling brand new. Listen to your body. If you want to sleep, go rest. If you feel invigourated and want to dance, turn up the music and move.
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