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7 Ways to Give Back to Small Businesses During the Pandemic

7 Ways to Support Small Businesses During the Pandemic

7 Ways to Give Back to Small Businesses During the Pandemic
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Imagine commuting to work without stopping by your favourite coffee shop — you know, the one where the barista knows your name and is making your vanilla oat milk latte as soon as you walk in the door? Or what about never getting to browse the best sellers at your favourite indie bookstore — you know, the one that always makes you feel warm and cosy and nostalgic for a simpler time?

As we've all come to realise these last few weeks, it's easy to take for granted the small businesses that bring us so much joy. We never had to think twice before swinging by our go-to bagel spot, picking up fresh flowers at the farmer's market, or catching a last-minute class at our cycling studio.

Without our local shops, cafes, and restaurants, not only does our economy suffer, but so does the heartbeat of our communities. Because, despite our current reality of being inside, home is so much more than our actual living spaces. Home is the diner where we spontaneously meet up for Sunday brunch. Home is the corner bodega where we get our late-night groceries. Home is the rooftop bar where we celebrate anything at all.

Small businesses give life to our cities, and right now they need our help more than ever. Here are some ways you can support your local community during this trying time.

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