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What Planet Rules Each Zodiac Sign?

What Planets Rule Each Zodiac Sign?

What Planet Rules Each Zodiac Sign?

If you've been online for any amount of time in the past two or so years, you have likely come across a horoscope TikTok account or a zodiac-themed listicle. Although the study of astrology is not new, many have turned to the stars to help them cope with stress and uncertainty and to help them understand everything from their sleep habits to their general purpose in life.

Our charts are made up of planets, signs, houses, and aspects. You probably know your sun sign (the sign of your birthday), but did you know you also have a moon sign, an ascendant sign, and planets that rule over each sign?

The energy of your sun sign's ruling planet is its primary influence. If our sun is how we shine, the planet that rules it impacts our ability to shine. Understanding your sun's planet ruler can be a key factor in how we understand our role in the world and what we are truly capable of.

Ahead, find out which planets rule each zodiac sign.

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