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Can You Throw Away Batteries?

Here’s How to Recycle Batteries — Because Honestly, We’re All Wondering

Have you ever asked yourself what in the world you're supposed to do with dead, useless batteries? Chances are you hesitate throwing them into the trash because it feels wrong and you've heard its bad for the environment. But don't put them back in the drawer to further accumulate your collection, because batteries can be recycled.

Standard, single-use batteries are found in a bunch of different household objects like TV remotes, toys, and small electronics. They're the ones you probably recognise the most, and while they are safe to throwing away, they contain parts that are recyclable. As for batteries that aren't just your standard leave-in-the-drawer alkaline? Little, single-use batteries like those from watches, calculators, or hearing aids can also be recycled! We recommend taking advantage of Recycling Search Centre on, where you can search for the specific battery you'd like to recycle and find a drop-off location near you.

As for rechargeable batteries (those commonly found in cordless phones, laptops, and emergency devices), be sure not to accidentally throw these guys in the trash. In many states, this is illegal and it's extra harmful for the environment. Instead, go about the same process of searching for a drop-off near you. And if you can't find a drop-off, consider a mail-in option and then prep your batteries for recycling. For single-use batteries, you can place them in a plastic bag. For rechargeable batteries, take them out of the device (i.e., your laptop) and cover the ends with clear, nonconductive tape. See? Easy.

Now go recycle those batteries you've been collecting and tell everyone you know how it's done.

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