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How to Put the iPhone Calculator Into Landscape Mode

Wait, What?! This iPhone Hack Will Unlock Your Hidden Deluxe Calculator

You can do a lot with the basic iPhone calculator β€” add up how much you really spent on that shopping trip, calculate what you owe on your night out with friends, or figure out how many holiday days you have left for the year for that dream trip you're planning. But did you know that the iPhone calculator has a whole other mode with tons more buttons and functions?

Twitter user TeddiAvelino shared the secret iPhone calculator on Twitter recently, demonstrating that all you have to do is rotate your iPhone into landscape mode to get the more complex, in-depth calculator. This version has no less than 30 additional buttons that do all kinds of fancy equations like cosines, tangents, and fraction calculations.

While you might not need the iPhone scientific calculator very frequently, it's great to know that it's there when you do. You never know when you'll need or want to do more complex calculations like squares and square roots, express percentages as fractions, or even try to memorize the first 16 digits of pi. Consider our minds blown.

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