Discover Your Celeb Parents With This Scarily Accurate TikTok Filter

I don't claim to know what goes on in the many parallel universes out there, but the hypothetical results of this celebrity parents filter on TikTok seem like a strong possibility. Recently, swaths of TikTokers have posted videos using the "Who are my parents?" filter (aka the "Please adopt me!" filter) — created by digital artist Allan Gregorio — which assigns a user two randomly generated celebrity parents. Although, I use the term "randomly" loosely, because some of these TikTokers very much look like they were birthed from their "celebrity parents."

To further prove just how uncanny some of the filters' results are, TikTokers are also morphing photos of each celebrity together using FaceApp and showing themselves side by side with the morphed image. Let me just say, seeing what essentially looks like the same person next to each other makes it extremely hard for me to believe celebrities haven't been secretly popping out TikTokers left and right. Of course, the possibilities of human DNA are truly endless, so the fact that so many people look like the perfect combination of two celebrities isn't all that surprisingly. What is? The fact a "random" TikTok celebrity parents filter is all but confirming it.

How to Find and Use the "Who Are My Parents?" TikTok Filter

To use the "Who are my parents?" TikTok filter, open the app as if you're going to film a video. Then, tap the "effects" icon on the bottom-left portion of the screen, and search the TikTok effects list for a purple text bubble that reads, "Who are my parents?" When you're ready to film, ensure the camera is fixed on you or whomever you're filming, and press the record button. After a few seconds, the effect's name generator should land on two names: your celeb parents.

How to Morph Your Celebrity Parents' Images Together

If you really want to see how accurate your celebrity parent results are, try morphing the pair's faces together. Many free online tools to do this exist, but it seems the majority of TikTokers have used FaceApp's "Morphing" feature. (Although, it should be noted that FaceApp was at the centre of user data privacy concerns in 2020.) If you decide to do this, open Face App, and either begin with one celebrity's image you previously downloaded or search for a celebrity image within FaceApp under the "Celebrities" tab. Once you've selected your image, select the "Face Swap" icon from the bottom tool bar. Then, select the "Morphing" option. From there, you can choose a photo from your gallery or search for another celebrity image within the app. Tap "Use" when you've settled on the second image, and watch as the two celebrities become one.

Ahead, see some of the funniest and scarily accurate videos using the TikTok celebrity parents filter.