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Disney Bath Bombs at Hot Topic

Want to Drench Yourself in All Things Disney? These Bath Bombs Are For You

One could argue that we have reached peak bath bomb. We've seen unicorn bath bombs, bath-bomb-inspired makeup, and even fried-chicken-scented bath bombs. (Yes, really.) To all of that, we simply say, "Keep them coming." In a surprising twist, Hot Topic has been selling Disney bath bombs — which Hello Giggles brought to our attention — that are so damn cute.

There's a cherry-scented Minnie Mouse Bath Bomb that features the iconic character's signature red bow, as well as an Enchanted Rose Bath Bomb inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Naturally, that bath bomb is rose-scented. Both are currently available online at a discounted price of $8. (Each originally retailed for $10.) Have fun turning your bathtub into a magical Disney oasis!

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