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Jones Road Multivitamin Serum Review With Photos

My Dull, Winter Skin Was No Match For Jones Road's New Serum

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Jones Road Multivitamin Serum

My skin-care routine is pretty consistent throughout the year, but when winter rolls around, I like to change things up a bit. That usually means trying to offset the effects of colder weather with additional moisturising steps, like slathering on a face oil in the morning or slugging in the evening. While those steps certainly help, I'm always on the hunt for products that can combat the look of dull skin. That's where Jones Road's newest skin-care launch comes in.

The Jones Road Multivitamin Serum (£46) is an all-in-one serum that's formulated to soothe, brighten, and hydrate the skin. Along with the promise of glowy, radiant skin — thanks to ingredients like vitamin C — the unique rollerball applicator also got my attention. Who doesn't like a built-in spa moment? So in the hopes of reviving my skin in the colder months, I put this multivitamin serum to the test for two weeks. Read my honest review ahead.

About the Jones Road Multivitamin Serum

  • The Jones Road Multivitamin Serum contains vitamins C, B, E and sodium hyaluronate, which help to brighten and hydrate the skin.
  • This serum is packed with antioxidants that can help protect against environmental stressors and strengthen the skin barrier.
  • The formula is clean, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types.

What I Like About the Jones Road Multivitamin Serum

I'm no stranger to vitamin C serums, but it became pretty clear to me upon first use that Jones Road's Multivitamin Serum was different from others I had tried. For one, the serum comes with a stainless steel rollerball applicator, which had an immediate cooling effect on my skin that helped with depuffing (especially in the morning). I typically use a jade or ice roller to get that same cooling effect, but it was nice to have the rollerball built into the product. The serum also has a thin consistency and spread evenly across my face and neck. It only took seconds to dry. Because of this, I didn't experience any pilling when layering other serums, moisturisers, SPFs, or makeup on top.

In addition to being very easy to use, I was impressed by the ingredients in the formula. Vitamin C serums help to brighten and even skin tone, but the actives in them can often aggravate sensitive skin like mine. Thankfully, the Jones Road serum has skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin B5 and E that help with hydration, too. So when I used the product over the two weeks, there was no irritation in sight. Overall, with consistent use, I noticed that my skin looked brighter and discolouration from acne scars on my forehead had faded. I was thrilled that my once-dull skin seemingly got its summer glow back — in the dead of winter no less.

Before-and-After Photos - Jones Road Multivitamin Serum

How To Use the Jones Road Multivitamin Serum

The brand recommends using the serum in the evening, after cleansing the skin. Roll the product along your face and neck, gently pat the serum in, and follow with your moisturiser. You can also use the serum in the morning, but the brand recommends using SPF on top.

Jones Road Serum Application

What To Consider Before Trying the Jones Road Multivitamin Serum

Though I personally enjoyed the soothing and cooling rollerball applicator, it sometimes made it tricky to know how much product I was applying on my skin. I also found myself having to flip the product upside down to get the product on the rollerball, so it was ready to use.

Who the Jones Road Multivitamin Serum Is Best For

The Jones Road Multivitamin Serum is best for anyone looking to streamline their skin-care routine. This product is a great serum that can seemingly replace multiple products in your routine, like a brightening serum and face roller. It's hydrating and brightening, easy to apply and travel with, and can be used in the morning or evening.

Where Is the Jones Road Multivitamin Serum Available?

The Jones Road Multivitamin Serum is available to shop online at Jones Road Beauty.


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Jones Road Multivitamin Serum
Jones Road Multivitamin Serum
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