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Drew Barrymore Called Out For Wearing Too Much Makeup

Drew Barrymore Was Glam Shamed, and Ugh

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A few online trolls came after Drew Barrymore for promoting her best-selling Flower Beauty makeup line on Instagram, and I just rolled my eyes so hard I almost passed out.

It all started when Drew posted a selfie showing off her Miracle Matte Metallic Liquid Lip in Poison Plum paired with a green smokey eye. The grunge look was classic '90s Drew and just plain fun to look at, but certain people decided to take time out of their lives to critique her bold style.

One person wrote, "This is too much, you look 100." If I look that good after a literal century on Earth, I will be a very happy centenarian. Another urged Drew to, "Go wash your face," which is good life advice in general, but extremely rude in this context. Someone pleaded, "Nooo! Don't cover up your natural beauty," and one comment read, "This is not you!" (I can confirm this photo is, in fact, an image of Drew — not an impostor or wax figure).

Of course, all of these comments were completely unwarranted for a plethora of reasons. Let's get the obvious out of the way, since I guess it's unfortunately not obvious to many humans: any person, celebrity included, should be able to wear whatever damn makeup they please without facing rude comments or suggestions about what is "beautiful." Second, I don't know what these haters are smoking, but Drew looks f*cking fierce in this photo.

Thankfully, many people came to Drew's defence. One user wrote, "Leave her alone! She looks gorgeous and empowered why is that a problem?" (A fabulous take if I ever heard one). Another wrote directly to Drew: "GIRL DONT LISTEN TO THEM HATERS, YOU DO YOU!!!," and I concur.

Moral of the story: if you don't have anything nice to say, kindly shut the hell up.

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