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Best Haircuts For Women 2023: 9 Haircut Trends and Ideas

9 Haircut Trends That Will Rule Your 2023 Mood Board

Best Haircuts For Women 2023: 9 Haircut Trends and Ideas

  • Looking for a new haircut to kick off the new year? You're in the right place.
  • The best 2023 cuts will be all about movement, texture, and versatility.
  • From the bold "jellyfish" cut to the more subtly layered shag, keep reading for pro-approved haircut ideas.

After the last few years that felt, at best, stagnant — to put it gently — it only makes sense that people would be looking for movement, grit, drama, and excitement any way they can get it in the new year. This especially applies in the hair department. As Jae Manuel, hairstylist at Sally Hershberger NoMad in New York City, put it: "This year is all about texture and movement. I love to give hair a refresh by adding in fresh, choppy layers. Hair [will] look sexy and undone."

That's not all, of course. There will be cool shorter cuts and mid-length looks (plus those in between lengths), but each one follows three common denominators: they are fresh, fun, and anything but boring — and isn't that what everybody wants when they step into a new year?

So in the spirit of all things "onward and upward," we've asked a handful of experts to break down the biggest haircut trends — plus loads of inspiration photos on how to wear them and those insider techniques to level up your look — that you'll want to bring to your next salon appointment, so you can start 2023 off right. (Or, at least, take a step in the right direction.)

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