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Everything to Know About the Cowboy Copper Hair Trend

Cowboy Copper: Your Need-To-Know on The Hair Trend Dominating Your Feed

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LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 28: Phoebe Dynevor attends a screening of

If staying on top of hair colour trends is your thing, or you're planning on switching it up for the summer, look no further than cowboy copper. The popular shade is a complex mix of warm brown and copper and has been sported by the likes of "Bridgerton" star Phoebe Dynevor and models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

According to Nicola Wood, leading hair specialist and founder of Hair Made Easi, cowboy copper is the perfect muted red tone for the spring and summer months. She tells PS UK: "It's a gorgeous colour for when you want to switch up your current hair look but not too drastically. The cowboy copper trend is almost like a sibling of the strawberry blonde family — it's such a beautiful style for summer. It's a great choice for those wanting a long-term hair change too — often, you find that people don't stick to a bold, drastic colour. Instead, many prefer the warmer, softer tones like the cowboy copper shade."

Although it's a muted alternative to a brighter shade, cowboy copper can be fun and playful, which also makes it high maintenance, complex to achieve, and, as with many hair colours, prone to fading. For tips on how to keep up with cowboy copper if you plan on getting the colour, keep reading for advice from the pros.

Can You Achieve Cowboy Copper With a Box Dye?

Cowboy copper can be achieved with a box dye, but professionals advise against it if you want depth, dimension and a job well done (we're not slating your box dye skills, but you might want to avoid any risks and head to the salon for optimal results).

"When changing your hair colour to cowboy copper, I would recommend having it done by a professional colourist first as we have to take into consideration the base colour of the hair and previous colour history," Josh Wood Hair's principal colourist Casey Sullivan explains. "Cowboy copper has a tendency to fade quickly therefore I'd use the Josh Wood Copper Gold Gloss (£10) to keep the colour fresh at home. It also doubles up as a treatment mask to keep the hair in its best condition, which can also prevent fading as fast."

How to Maintain Cowboy Copper Hair Colour

Maintaining a shade like cowboy copper can be a tricky feat, as you'd like the colour to remain vibrant and healthy. The key here is colour-safe, sulphate-free products and a consistent routine, as broken down by celebrity hair stylist and founder of MAYFIVE Hair, Katie Allan.

"I'd recommend using sulphate-free shampoo and products that are colour-safe and prevent fading, as well as a monthly appointment with your colourist to maintain the vibrancy and health of your hair. Ensure you use protein rich products at home, to seal the cuticles and create strong, healthy hair that protects it from damage. Hydrate your hair from within by drinking lots of water and by using hydrating, moisturising products. Using conditioning hair masks at home will also help keep your colour vibrant and healthy.

"Stay out of the sun as this can accelerate fading, and use heat protection and low heat styling methods as heat can also cause fading," Allan says. Founder of The London Hair Lab, Sarah McKenna, also doubles down on this point, adding that by protecting your hair from UV rays, you can avoid colour fading.

How Soon Should You Wash Your Cowboy Copper Hair?

So, with your routine in place, and your cowboy copper hair colour healthily glowing, it's time to set aside a moment to get down to washing your strands. However, PS UK found that while washing your hair is often framed as a key cause of fading colour, it turns out, the secret to washing your hair after you colour it isn't just when — it's also how.

Wood tells us: "I would always recommend waiting at least 72 hours before washing your cowboy copper hair so that you're giving your hair time to seal in the colour. Also be mindful how often you're washing your hair too. The more you shampoo your hair, the quicker your colour will fade so try to space your wash days out by using gentle dry shampoos and sprays to prolong your hair."

She adds: "Always opt for a microfibre hair wrap, like the XL Luxury Hair Wrap (£18) from Hair Made Easi, after showering instead of a normal towel as this will be more gentle on your strands and prevent any damage. Your hair is most fragile when it's wet and so it's very important to provide extra care here. Microfibre is also anti-frizz and so this should promote a shiny, smooth hair of cowboy copper hair too."

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