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Haircut Trend From Paris

The Effortless Haircut Trend We're Importing Straight From Paris

Haircut Trend From Paris

They say Parisians have a certain je ne sais quoi, but we're starting to wonder if maybe they just have really good hair. Sexy, windswept, couldn't-be-more-low-key – that's true French style. For fear of keeping you from all their cheese and their beauty secrets, though, we'll just divulge: it's all about the cut (with a little help from colourists).

"The Parisian way is always very effortless — nothing ever looks too 'made-up,'" said celebrity hairstylist and T3 brand ambassador Laura Polko. On a recent trip to the City of Light, in fact, she noticed "a lot of long layers and longer hair," more so than what you'd find in the US. "Think shag bangs or face-framing layers that start somewhere between chin and shoulders, depending on length of hair. These layers look awesome both if the hair is blown-out or if its loose and air-dried for that carefree Parisian feel."

As for the colour? Highlights were kept subtle, if there were any, a look which Polko predicts will be coming stateside soon. "People are colouring their hair less and doing it in a natural way, which makes the look last longer and requires less time in between salon visits," she said. Like the cut, you'll want to focus on those face-framing pieces. "Ask your stylist for lighter colour all around your face as opposed to all over your head. That way you're free to put your hair up and have it peek through where it counts without a line of roots."

The result of this particular hair trend, which you can see more of in the slides ahead, is — you guessed it — tres chic.

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