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Heartbeat Brows Instagram Beauty Trend

Heartbeat Brows Are Taking Over Instagram and Giving Me Palpitations

OK, I understand your reluctance to indulge in another crazy Instagram brow trend. The barrage of questionable arches currently dominating our Instagram explore pages — whether they be squiggled or reversed — can be fatiguing. But this world is scary, y'all, and just like I relish the consistency in romcom happy endings, I appreciate that I can always count on seeing weird brow sh*t hit the internet. With that disclaimer aside, I bring you: heartbeat brows!

This look comes courtesy of Zakia Serroukh Wahbi (aka @shinybeautiz), a Kuwait-based makeup artist. Technically, the pro dubbed the undulating look "EKG Brows" after electrocardiography, the process that records the heart's activity.

Even though that influence seems rather cerebral, Wahbi told POPSUGAR not to overthink it. "I just woke up one day and decided to do this look," the artist said. "I guess it's just an idea like any other that crosses my mind every day."

Say what you want about this out-there look, but we're applauding the craftsmanship behind it. Wahbi was even kind enough to match the brows to winged eyeliner, and we're truly not worthy of such artistry.

Luckily, we're not alone — many people have praised heartbeat brows in the comments on Wahbi's post. As one person wrote, "This is stunning." According to another, "Girl this is awesome." Of course, heartbeat brows have garnered their fair share of "F*ck no" and "That's fugly" responses, but we can't get enough.

One reason Wahbi believes people have so many feelings about Instagram brows is because it's sort of like a final frontier for makeup. "We are so used to seeing an incredibly full face of makeup, or just eye looks without the brows really involved. Brows are a new path that we want to explore, and it's so awesome to see what we can do with just a pomade."

You heard the pro — go forth and make more viral Instagram brows!

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