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How to Make Pastel Hair Colour Last

The 1 Simple Tip Jonathan Van Ness Swears Will Prolong Your Pastel Hair Colour

If we're going to listen to anyone about beauty advice, it's Jonathan Van Ness. He has given us plenty of nuggets of knowledge over the past year — we're talking whole hair and beauty routine transformations.

But today, hair queen Van Ness treated us to a new tip that can help in prolonging your hair colour, particularly pastels. The Queer Eye star stopped by Busy Philipps's show, Busy Tonight, and after admiring her "rose gold hair moment," he shared a simple but very effective tip to help ensure your pastel hues stay fresh as f*ck for as long as possible.

Van Ness asked Philipps, "Are you a hot shower queen or a cold shower queen?," and like many of us, Philipps is a hot shower woman. Unluckily for other hot shower fans, Van Ness said this is the "nemesis" when it comes to keeping your pastel hue vibrant. He explained that it's the hardest colour to obtain and maintain because as soon as you step into a hot shower, your hair cuticle goes "open sesame" and all the colour rinses out. Faded hair colours contain less pigment to begin with, so they disappear down the drain the fastest. To summarise, he said, "Just try to not bask your hair in the hot water."

So if you want to keep your cute rose gold hair moment for as long as possible, follow Van Ness's advice and turn town the heat.

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