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Tresemme Lamellar Shine Shampoo Review With Photos

This Budget Shampoo From Tresemme Transformed My Hair

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When it comes to shampoo, I am a firm believer that expensive options should be considered a luxury not a necessity. Yes, the ingredients tend to be a bit more concentrated and the fragrance far more appealing, but in terms of making a considerable difference to the texture or condition of your hair it is not as clear cut as cheap equals bad, expensive equals good. And the reasoning behind this is a testament to the impressive standards of many high street brands — Tresemme being one of them. A drugstore favourite, it has an extensive range offering customers everything from hydration to volume. I have tried many of the brand's products before and I find them to be reliable, nothing particularly mind-blowing, but a good decent budget option and I was expecting similar results with its new Lamellar Shine range. However I was wrong, this range was far better.

I decided to try the Tresemme Lameller Shine Shampoo (£7, currently £3.50 ) and Tresemme Lameller Shine Conditioner (£7, currently £3.50) without the styling products to really see if it lived up to the claims from the brand that hair will look 100 percent more shiny for up to 72 hours. And the results blew me away. Read on to find out why.

About Tresemme Lamellar Shine Shampoo

  • Lamellar means thin layers, the technology in this range works by creating a unique layered structure that are meant to evenly laminate each and every strand of hair
  • This four-part collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream serum, and finishing oil,
  • Luxurious Fragrance
  • Recycled bottle made of 100 per cent recyclable plastic
  • What I Like About the Tresemme Lamellar Shine Shampoo

    As I started to dry my hair I could feel how nourished and smooth it felt. I instantly noticed that the product was not weighing my hair down, as it didn't feel coated or flat at the roots. I've used a few shampoos recently which have claimed to give hair a glass finish, with the majority I have found there is more emphasis on achieving the shine, than the overall hair condition. This has resulted in needing to wash my hair after a couple of days as it tends to go flat and lifeless. This shampoo felt like it lasted until my next hair wash and my hair was just as shiny on day four as it was on day one.

    The quality and appearance of my hair was comparable, if not better, to some of the most expensive and well-respected shampoos on the market. Did I mention it is £4 for 300ml and £7 for a whooping 680ml (think hair salon size bottle.) The smaller bottle, from my estimates, would last the average person a good few months. The scent is also beautiful and lasted all day, I kept sniffing my hair as I moved.

    How to Use the Tresemme Lamellar Shine Shampoo

    Personally I like to give my hair a double shampoo, especially if I have used a lot of products during the week. I tend to use a small amount for the first wash concentrating on the roots and parting. I make sure to really massage it into the scalp, ignoring the ends for the first wash. Once I have rinsed this out I add shampoo to my crown and spread throughout my roots all the way until the ends. I like to flip my head upside down if I am washing my hair in the shower, this ensures I remove all the product from the root, as this can leave hair looking dull and feeling greasy. I only add conditioner to the ends of my hair and around the front — which tends to see more heat styling than the back of your hair.

    What to Consider Before Trying Tresemme Lamellar Shine Shampoo

    The range has a shampoo, conditioner, serum and oil. If you have extremely coarse or curly hair I would recommend adding both of these extra prouducts into the routine to really benefit from the shine, especially as these hair types tend to struggle with hydration and gloss. However if you have normal to thin hair, I don't think you need to add the additional styling products to achieve the shine. On a side note, I used both on their own and found them to give hair an impressive glossy finish too.

    It may be worth being a bit more cautious if you have very fine or flat hair, as it could make it too silky and hard to style. I would also suggest this shampoo is better when it is styled straight or curled with a heated tool, rather than left to dry naturally as I found it took away much of my natural wave and texture.

    Where Is the Tresemme Lamellar Shine Shampoo available?

    The Tresemme Lamellar Shine Shampoo is available at Boots, Superdrug and Sainsburys.


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