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How Many Foundation Shades Does Jouer Have?

Jouer Expanded Its Full-Coverage Foundation Range to Include 50 (!!!) Shades

And just like that, Jouer Cosmetics has joined the ranks of being a more inclusive makeup brand! The cosmetics company announced via Instagram this week that it will add a whopping 33 new shades of the Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation ($38) to its 17 existing options. Yup — we've officially got 50 shades of Jouer, people!

The company has been criticized in the past for not catering to a broad enough spectrum of skin tones. As you can imagine, this expansion has fans of the brand really excited.

Instagram user beautbytwrote, "Congratulations for having this amazing shade range for all skin tones!!! Every single brand out there should learn from you!!!" and user samantha.p.r said, "This is beautiful in more ways then one. The inclusion of all colours AND genders makes me heart so happy. I wish there was so much more of this in the world."

It's exciting moves like this in the beauty market that make us feel better about the direction the business is taking. Props to you, Jouer, for making strides!

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