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How to Treat Broken Capillaries on the Face

I Thought the Broken Capillaries on My Face Were Acne Scars — Here's How I Got Rid of Them

How to Treat Broken Capillaries on the Face
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tori Crowther

I don't have severe acne, but I've certainly had bouts of troublesome and angry skin from time to time, which led to scarring . . . or so I thought. The scarring wasn't major by any means, but being a keen skincare and facial enthusiast, I always noticed the red marks randomly dotted on my face. Turns out the scars didn't have anything to do with acne or spots — they were actually tiny broken capillaries.

Ever the guinea pig when it comes to trying any and every facial going, I jumped at the chance to try a treatment at Debbie Thomas's Clinic in Chelsea, London. Thomas is the facialist of Dua Lipa, Naomie Harris, and Jourdan Dunn, so I knew I was in pretty good hands at the salon.

Ahead, get a closer look at the treatment that got rid of my broken capillaries, and perhaps consider rethinking those harsh acne treatments before slathering them on like I did.

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