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Is Lime Crime Releasing a Venus III?

Is Lime Crime Releasing a Venus 3 Palette? The Internet Seems to Think So!

There's nothing like a fun beauty guessing game to get us through the week. Lime Crime posted the ultimate tease of a new product that the brand says will be launching on April 24 and natch, fan speculation is in overdrive. Most are hoping that it's the next iteration of the beloved Venus eyeshadow palette. Could we be witnessing the birth of Venus 3?

It's obvious from the post, which features a palette floating under sun rays shining upon it from heaven, that this is in fact a palette β€” but there's not much else to go off of. The previous versions of the brand's Venus eyeshadow palettes (Venus, Venus II and Venus XL) have all been hits. The pigments are vibrant and versatile, and the formula goes on super silky.

The guesses as to what it can be have gone wild in the comments. "Looking at the pan size I'm thinking Venus 3? 🀞🏼 you are spoiling us with new releases this year 😍," said one person. And another said: "Venus 3 or I'm gonna cry. And purple tones and I'll freak!!! 😍😍😍😍."

You can actually sign up through the brand's website to be one of the first to find out what's actually dropping or you can hang tight for the next seven days (read: eternity) until it launches. Either way, it's bound to be good.

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