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MakeupDrop Hybrid Review

This Genius 2-in-1 Makeup Sponge Is All You Need For an Even Complexion

MakeupDrop Hybrid

There are foundation brushes and sponges that exist with limitations, and then there's the MakeupDrop Hybrid. The brand just released the multitasker that is part sponge and part silicone and is designed to tackle base makeup application from every angle. The periwinkle tool is shaped like a teardrop, with the 100 percent latex-free sponge at its base and the silicone pad laid on its top. The materials taper off to a point at the tip of the egg, making it perfect for hard-to-reach places.

My first impression of the tool was that the ultrasoft, squishy sponge was less porous than other ones I've used in the past, and when I squeezed a tiny drop of my favourite foundation onto the tip, my observation proved right. The bead of liquid sat there, and it didn't fan out as if it were being absorbed into the egg. I dabbed more of the formula onto my face and buffed it out with the sponge until my complexion was even, then shifted grip on the tool to use the silicone side.

I broke out my cream contour shades and highlighters to test this part of the tool, streaking the pigments across my face as I normally would. I quickly realised that I'd spread way too much product on as the silicone pad just slid and shifted the creams around on my cheeks. I shifted my grip to use the sponge again, then it clicked. There was a rhythm to using this tool — spread with the silicone side, buff with the sponge, repeat. Spread then buff — it's that simple. Once I got the hang of using it, I saw that it really streamlined my makeup routine, cutting out a lot of the tools I typically used.

"This sponge offers the best of both worlds," says celebrity makeup artist, Stephanie Flor (who is not affiliated with the brand). "The silicone surface is great because you can easily glide on small amounts of foundation, while the sponge can get every part of the face that the silicone may not be able to reach because of its size and correct any base makeup mistakes you might have made."

So will I throw away all of my other makeup brushes and sponges? Probably not — although the more that I use the Hybrid, the more I'm tempted to.

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