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Mona Lisa Makeup

This Woman Turned Herself Into the Mona Lisa Using Contouring, and We Can't Even Give Ourselves Cheekbones

While we're over here struggling to fake our way to slightly more defined cheekbones, one woman is chiselling her way to an entirely new face. But not any old face; she's turned herself into the Mona Lisa, and the likeness is uncanny.

The makeup enthusiast in question, who lists her name as Yuya Mika, is fairly new to Instagram but has wracked up views and followers through some incredible Leonardo da Vinci re-creations. Our jaws literally hit the floor when we saw them. She also shared her re-creation of Marilyn Monroe on YouTube, and that's uncanny, too.

To turn herself into her painting alter egos, Yuya Mika uses liquid contour and highlight to create the shadows and fool us all into thinking it's the real thing. We can't wait to see what she decides to re-create next!

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