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2022 Summer Tattoo Trends to Try

4 Tattoo Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer, According to a Pro

2022 Summer Tattoo Trends to Try

  • As summer approaches, interest in tattoos increases.
  • Previous tattoo trends included abstract designs and peekaboo placements.
  • A tattoo artist breaks down the tattoos that will be trending for summer 2022.

Summer is the perfect time, as Drake would say, to start wearing less and going out more. With that often comes a spike in interest when it comes to body art.

"Although it's not recommended to get tattooed around a time where you will be heavily exposed to the sun or submerged in water for long periods of time, people love to get tattooed in the summertime," Jazmin Paulino, tattoo artist at Fleur Noire Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY, tells POPSUGAR. "Minimal clothing is the move if you want to show off your new ink. What better time to do that than the summer?"

Not only do people want to show off their new ink, but they could be inspired by their summer travels. "It's possible people are inspired by other collectors' tattoos and might want to switch it up for summer," Paulino says. "Summertime is also prime travel season, and tourists might want to switch up what they get during the summer to commemorate their experiences."

Whatever your reason for wanting a new tattoo, if you're thinking of adding to your collection, there are a few designs the pros think will be trending for summer. From "tail tats" to fruits and other greenery, read ahead for some inspiration before you make that appointment.

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