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Butterfly Bob Ideas For 2024

The "Butterfly" Bob Is the Perfect Low-Maintenance Haircut

Butterfly Bob Ideas For 2024

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Whether you're already a passionate short-hair lover or you've suddenly got the urge to make the big chop, you generally can't go wrong with a bob haircut. Truth be told, there's something about a bob that just screams "chic," and it seems like most of the world agrees because there's a new rendition of the popular haircut popping up every other day or so.

Just last week, the "baroque" bob hit our radars but we've noticed a new style taking over our social media feeds: the "butterfly" bob.

We first heard the name from celebrity stylist and Biologe ambassador Sunnie Brook. "Whether you want a textured, playful look, or a sleek, polished finish, the butterfly bob is all about making a statement that's both modern and classic," Brook tells POPSUGAR.

Ahead, Brook and other hair experts break down everything to know about the butterfly bob, including who it looks best on and what the maintenance is like. Keep scrolling for more.

What Is the Butterfly Bob?

"This chic haircut is a fresh twist on the classic bob, with feathered layers that frame the face beautifully, just like the wings of a butterfly," Brook says. So, what makes the butterfly bob different from other similar styles? "This rendition of the cut maintains the classic outlining while adding additional face-framing layers that extend to the back of the head," Rodney Cutler, Redken brand ambassador and Cutler Salons Owner, says.

If you're interested in trying it out, Brook says that pictures are always the best bridge between you and your hairdresser. "Bring photos you like, as well as photos of versions you're not into," she says. "The more photos, the better." Cutler adds: "If your stylist is not already familiar with the butterfly bob, request a bob outline with face-framing layers that extend to the back of the head."

How to Style the Butterfly Bob

To style this cut, always start with a heat protectant like the Biolage All-In-One Coconut Infusion (£15). If you have fine or straight hair, from there, add a product for volume, such as the Redken Full Volume Mousse (£24). "This cut is meant to feel free, so you can't go wrong with a blowout or some textured waves," hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman says.

Brook says she likes to rough dry the hair in a forward direction using her hands or a vented brush, as the style is cut to move this way. Next, to keep things simple and easy, you can divide the hair into two sections and take a round brush to smooth things out. Finish with a tiny bit of texture Spray to give the look some flexible hold.

How to Maintain the Butterfly Bob

In-salon maintenance should occur every six to eight weeks. "This frequency helps maintain the shape and health of the haircut, ensuring that the layers and face-framing pieces continue to complement your face shape effectively," Brook says. However, she also notes that touch-ups will depend on your hair routine, how much heat you're using on a daily basis, and your personal hair health.

When it comes to maintaining the look at home, Brook gives her clients two tips: use a pre-shampoo treatment to enhance shine and a leave-in after the shower for frizz. "The Biolage Bond Therapy Smoothing Leave-In Cream (£18) is one of my favourites because it works to build the hair bonds from the inside out while fighting frizz and protecting your hair from heat damage."

If you're ready to book your salon appointment, keep scrolling for our favourite butterfly bob looks you can bring with you for inspiration.

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