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Face-Framing Layers: Haircut Ideas

Face-Framing Layers Can Completely Transform Your Haircut

Face-Framing Layers: Haircut Ideas

  • Face-framing layers typically border the face, showing off your best features.
  • They require less of a commitment than bangs but can still transform your haircut.
  • Face-framing layers vary depending on the haircut, hair type, and even your face shape.

One way to spice up any old haircut is with layers. Whether you have a U-shaped haircut or a classic bob, adding layers instantly makes the style feel fresh and new. It's important to note: not all layers are the same — it's more of a category, similar to how there's not one style of bangs. Some add volume, others remove weight, and then there are those that surround your face like a picture, drawing attention to your best features. Those are called face-framing layers.

Even the classification of face-framing layers is vast, and there are several factors that can influence the final look. Different haircuts, hair types, and face shapes call for a slightly different approach. That's why it's imperative that you see a professional for this type of cut. Face-framing layers should be tailored to the wearer and when done correctly, have the power to completely change your hairstyle — even if you barely alter the style itself.

What Are Face-Framing Layers?

Face-framing layers simply border the face. They can be long and seamlessly blended, making them barely noticeable, or they can be short and choppy to make a big statement. Bangs don't always come attached to layers, but they are a great addition. For example, curtain bangs mimic the effect of face-framing layers, but they're shorter, reaching only cheekbone length. To differentiate true layers from bangs, they need to be longer.

Many of the popular haircut trends of today are all about layering. This includes the shag, "wolf cut," cub cut, and C-shape haircut, to list just a few. Face-framing layers can help remove weight from the front of your hair, adding more body and movement or, on the other hand, make your hair look fuller by adding texture. Most of all, they're very flattering and can accentuate your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline, depending on the length.

Ahead, see different examples of face-framing layers to inspire your next haircut appointment.

Face-Framing Layers Haircut Inspiration

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