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Thank U Next Nail Art 2018

Say "Thank U, Next" to All Your Haters With This Ariana-Inspired Nail Art

Image Source: nailartbyjen on Instagram

"Thank U, Next" isn't just a song โ€” it's a mood. In the few short weeks since Ariana Grande released her new single, the lyric has already solidified itself as many peoples' go-to clapback to any negativity that comes along. And thanks to some talented nail artists, waving goodbye to your haters has taken on new meaning. Enter: nail designs inspired by the song.

Some users on social media are getting crafty and integrating the catchy phrase onto their manicures, and according to some impressive observations by a few of Ariana's fans on Twitter, the singer may have started the trend all on her own. Shortly after "Thank U, Next" began dominating the charts, Ariana posted a short clip of herself listening to the track on her Instagram stories. The video may not have appeared to show much of anything at first glance, but upon closer inspection you can make out the letter "U" drawn on her pink polished thumb, in between two red lip prints โ€” similar to the single's scrapbook-style cover art.

The singer hasn't shown us a close-up of her nails since then, but it's safe to assume this is a trend Ariana herself is on board with. Keep reading to see more photos of this Thank U, Next nail trend.

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