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Video of Grandpa Doing His Granddaughter's Makeup

This Video of a Girl's Grandpa Doing Her Makeup Is the Most Wholesome Thing on the Internet

Pure. Endearing. Downright adorable. There truly aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe what I'm about to show you. London-based vlogger Megan Margot recently shared a video in which her grandfather does her makeup from start to finish, and the entire montage deserves a spot in the Wholesome Content Hall of Fame.

In the video, Margot's granddad begins by using his fingers to smear foundation all over her face while exclaiming, "That looks good actually!" (Editor's note: it does not, in fact, look good.) Then he moves onto her eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliner, and false lashes, the last of which he hilariously describes as "two dead spiders in a box." After caking on the blush, bronzer, and concealer and completely dousing her in setting spray, her grandpa says, "Time for a drink! I deserve that after that, don't I?" Umm, can we be friends with him, or . . . ?

Watch the full video above to see Megan's reaction when she finally takes a peek at the final product of her grandpa's makeup skills. We're bookmarking this one for days when we need a heartwarming pick-me-up.

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