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Ateh Jewel Launches Kamala Harris-Inspired Headband

Ateh Jewel Teams Up With British Brand Roseings to Create a Kamala Harris-Inspired Headband

When journalist Dr Ateh Jewel speaks, we listen. And when Jewel teams up with a beauty brand, we know whatever they're doing is going to be good. Like, really good (look no further than her bestselling The Glow Box with Space NK that beauty-lovers just can't enough of). Well, get ready to be excited for Jewel's newest project. On Wednesday, she announced that she's partnered with Roseings London, a female-founded British artisan hair accessories brand, to create her very own "Kamala Headband" just in time for the festive season.

The statement piece is inspired by, and named in honour of, Kamala Harris, the new Vice President-elect of the United States and the first mixed heritage Black and South Asian woman to hold the position. The glamorous knot headband is a dusky pink hue embellished with four faux pearl flowers and four large glass rhinestones.

"I always loved Anne Boleyn and characters from historical novels but they never looked like me," Jewel said speaking about her inspiration. "There is something powerful and regal about a bejewelled hand made headband and the time is now to #crownyourself embrace your inner power and glow and just go for it."

"It took lockdown for me to turn the volume up on who I really was and not be afraid of being 'too much' 'too Black' and 'too me'. It's a pleasure to be working with Emily the founder of Roseings, an incredible artisan small business. Emily and I both have mixed heritage daughters and we want to make the world a place where they are seen and are proud of who they are and can shine. We all deserve to shine. This year has been turbulent and scary but also the world has changed with BLM and people coming together for a future full of social justice and positive change," Jewel said.

What's more, Jewel will be donating a portion of profits to the Dr Ateh Jewel Education Fund, "to help Black students in higher education to get them to the board room, signing cheques and approving campaigns as this is how we will help create social justice and a future our kids and future grandkids deserve."

As we head into the festive season after a long and tumultuous year, with this new collaboration Jewel is speaking out and asking us to take this moment and #crownyourself with her beautiful new power pink Roseings London Kamala Headband (£50). "You deserve it. Walk tall and walk into your power."

Image Source: Ateh Jewel x Roseings London
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