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The "Blue Mist" Hair-Colour Trend For Autumn

Don't Let the Name of the Autumn Hair-Colour Trend "Blue Mist" Scare You Away

The "Blue Mist" Hair-Colour Trend For Autumn

Chestnut, caramel, and auburn might be the hair colours that first come to mind when you think of the autumn but the "blue mist" hair-colour trend is proving to be just as good an option for the upcoming season.

"If you read the word 'blue' and immediately counted yourself out, allow us to assure you that this hair-colour trend is a lot more wearable than you think," said celebrity hair colourist Jeremy Tardo told POPSUGAR. Unlike its icy blue or turquoise blue counterparts, the "blue mist" shade is more muted and smokier.

The unconventional shade is a mix of silvery blonde with a light blue tint. "The new blue is barely blue and can be worn by anyone who is OK with having their hair lightened a lot beforehand," said Tardo. "At the salon, have your colourist bleach your hair to platinum blonde and tone with equal parts of a pale blue and a silver."

It's certainly more daring than your classic autumn hair colours but worth trying just the same. Keep reading to see more blue mist hair colour inspiration for the autumn.

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