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Bumble and Bumble Is Making Hand Sanitizer to Fight COVID-19

One of Sephora’s Bestselling Hair Brands Is Making Hand Sanitizer to Help Fight COVID-19

Many brands in the beauty industry are doing their part to help fight COVID-19, from hair care, skin care, and makeup brands giving back by donating proceeds, products, and even meals to those in need, to companies like LVMH (the parent company of Fenty Beauty and Benefit Cosmetics) utilising their factories to make hand sanitizer for hospitals.

Joining the growing list is bestselling hair brand Bumble and Bumble, which announced on March 25 that it will be reopening one of its factories to manufacture hand sanitizer — an item that has become scarce due to a sudden increase in demand. The factory participating in the coronavirus relief effort is located in Melville, NY, and the hand sanitizers made will go to high-need groups, including medical staff on the front lines fighting the virus.

"We are grateful to the employees who have worked tirelessly to make this possible," read a statement put out by Estée Lauder Companies. "Compensated, employee volunteers will support this vital, meaningful effort.

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