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Butterscotch-Blond Hair-Colour Trend For Autumn

Warm Up Your Blonde Hair With the "Butterscotch" Colour Trend

Butterscotch-Blond Hair-Colour Trend For Autumn
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  • Autumn is the perfect time to opt for warmer hair colours, like butterscotch blonde.
  • This autumn hair-colour trend is flattering on all skin tones.
  • You can easily update your summer blonde for fall with a gloss or balayage.

You can dye your hair whatever colour you want whenever you want, but there's just something about autumn that makes us want to transition to warm, cosy hues. Though new top picks like "hair frosting" and "cashmere blonde" emerge every season, there's something magical about going back to a classic, like the "butterscotch" hair-colour trend.

The spectrum of blonde hair is quite vast β€” on one end, you have ultrabright platinum blonde. On the other, you have bronde, which almost crosses into the brunette territory. Butterscotch falls more toward the middle, making it perfect for those looking to give their summer blonde an update for the new season. "Autumn is a good time to give your hair a reset and transition to a richer and warmer gloss," Nina Rubel, creative director of Rob Peetoom Williamsburg Salon, tells POPSUGAR.

What Is Butterscotch-Blonde Hair Colour?

Staying true to the confectionary, the butterscotch hair colour has notes of warm brown sugar and buttery blonde. "Butterscotch blonde is a colour that lives between light golden tones and rich caramel to sometimes even copper-caramel tones, often infusing these together to create beautiful dimension and texture," says Trent Matthews, master colourist and stylist at Rob Peetoom Williamsburg Salon.

Because of its complexity, butterscotch blonde is flattering for a variety of skin tones but looks especially great on those with warm undertones. "It's a great way to bring warmth back into the face, especially as we leave the sun-kissed summer months for winter," Matthews says.

If you already have blonde hair, Matthews recommends getting a hair gloss as an easy, low-maintenance way to get the butterscotch look. However, if you have dark hair, you'll want to book a consultation with your stylist to determine the best course of action for you, which will most likely require your hair to be lightened or dyed to a warm-blond base colour before highlights can be added to get more dimension.

Ahead, get inspiration for butterscotch-blond hair to take with you to the salon.

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