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New Celebrity Beauty Brands Launching in 2021

New Celebrity Beauty Brands Are Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon in 2021, So Study Up

New Celebrity Beauty Brands Launching in 2021

Celebrity fragrances were once the move, but now, it feels like everybody who's anybody has their own bona-fide beauty brand. Selena Gomez? Check. Rihanna? Double check. Pharrell Williams? Check, again. In just the last year alone, over 10 new makeup, skin-care, and hair-care brands popped up under the names of A-listers, and we would bet our entire makeup stash that the trend will continue into 2021.

We're not just making an educated guess here — just five days into the new year, two celebrities have already launched their own beauty companies. On Jan. 4, J Lo Beauty, by none other than Jennifer Lopez, hit the market, and that same day, About-Face came completely out of the blue by Halsey.

Additional debut celebrity beauty brands of 2021 have yet to be determined, but we're keeping our ears open and our eyes peeled — to Instagram, that is — for hints from our favourite brand-less celebrities. (We're looking at you, Zendaya.)

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