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Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick Review With Photos

Sofia Richie's Favourite Highlighter Is Worth the Hype

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Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick

Up until about three years ago, you couldn't pry my favourite highlighters from my hands if you tried. Powder, liquid, cream — you name it, I had a robust number to choose from in my makeup collection. But with the rise in popularity of more dewy blush formulas, I found myself drifting away from my once-beloved products and opting for more glossy, tinted cheeks. That is, until Sofia Richie got married.

In a series of TikToks that had what felt like everyone on TikTok suddenly obsessed with her, Richie invited fans to watch as she prepared to wed Elliot Grainge in the South of France in 2023. After the big day, people were clamouring to get the bridal beauty details, and in a video recreating the look, Richie revealed that she used the Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick (£36) to get a soft, glowy effect on her cheeks.

As a multi-purpose product, the balm seemed to add the softest touch of radiance to Richie's cheeks, and just like that, my obsession with highlighter was reborn. The product subsequently went viral, with numerous TikTokers claiming to love the glow that the stick gives. With glowing cheeks in mind, I had to try it for myself. Read ahead for my review.

About the Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick

  • The product comes in seven shades.
  • The formula is multi-purpose and can be used on the eyes, lips, and face.
  • It's packaged in a sleek twist-up tube that takes up minimal space in a makeup bag or on a vanity.

What I Like About the Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick

I am just as obsessed with this highlighter's packaging as I am with the formula itself. An easy twist brings up just the right amount of formula that you can easily swipe onto your cheeks and blend out. And speaking of blending, this highlighter is a dream, whether you're wearing it with additional makeup products or not. If you have any foundation or concealer on, I would recommend using a synthetic brush to pick up the product and place it on the cheek rather than applying it straight from the tube. This makes the highlighter less likely to lift any of the product already on your face. I used the shade Dragée, which is a rosy pink, but the formula is so sheer that you really can't see the colour on the skin.

How to Use the Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick

How you apply this highlighter is a matter of personal preference and I switch up my method depending on the circumstances. Typically, I'll just swipe some product onto my fingers and tap it onto my cheeks. However, you can also tap some of the highlighter directly onto your brush or swipe the tube directly onto your face. There is no wrong way to do it.

What to Consider About the Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick

Keep in mind that this product is a balm, meaning that it does not dry down on the skin. The glass-like effect is due to the emollient properties of the formula. This means the highlighter almost acts like Vaseline, sitting on top of the skin.

Where Is the Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick Available?

The Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick is available at, Boots, and John Lewis.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ariel Baker
Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick Review With Photos
Chanel Baume Essentiel Glow Stick
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