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"Ginger Beer" Hair Colour Trend For Autumn 2019

"Ginger Beer" Hair Colour Is Going to Be All Over Instagram This Autumn

When you hear "ginger beer hair," you might imagine dunking your head into a tub of the refreshing beverage. We promise it isn't as messy. It's actually the hair colour hairstylist Kim Bonondona has been seeing in her salon and what she foresees will be one of this Autumn's biggest hair trends.

"Going into the Autumn, most clients like to put warmth into their hair," Bonondona told POPSUGAR. "When you think Autumn, you think of leaves changing and campfires. That's why copper comes to mind." She added that the hue is copper mixed with hints of red and brown and that it takes as little as 40 minutes to achieve it for those with lighter hair. For those with dark hair, Bonondona said it could take about two days to get the look, as the deep hue has to be bleached and lifted.

She advised you be careful with how much red is added to the look. "If there is too much red, it won't give the same look," she said. "You want to keep [the hair] more in the orange family." If you're looking to get inspired by the ginger beer hair colour trend, check out some of the prettiest variations, ahead.

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