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Heart Braids are the Latest ‘90s Trend to Resurface

Heart Braids are the Latest '90s Beauty Trend Making A Comeback

Heart Braids are the Latest ‘90s Trend to Resurface

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  • Heart braids are an intricate braiding pattern, popularised in the '90s, that have recently begun trending again.
  • There are many iterations of the style, making the look highly individualised.
  • We spoke with a licenced cosmetologist about what to consider before trying heart braids.

Have we stepped into a time machine? Because heart braids are making a resurgence and we feel like we've been sent back a few decades. While we are fully on board with the fact that the '90s are back — we've seen it with the french roll, '90s tattoos, and mullet haircuts, after all — we still weren't expecting a style we got as children to now be considered high fashion.

Why have heart braids increased so much in popularity on our social media feeds? There may be an unexpected source that we can pinpoint. Not only is the style low maintenance and very easy to upkeep, but it's also become a fixture in pop culture . . . and his name is Drake.

"Drake has recently been getting a heart etched in his head by his barber," said Yasmine Brown, licensed cosmetologist and owner of Yas Hair Studio. While Drake as a hair influencer was not on our 2022 bingo cards, with the way the last few years have been going, we've learned the phrase "anything is possible" has taken on new meaning.

If you're ready to try out the trend for yourself, Brown gave us some tips on what to know beforehand, how to choose the right hairstylist, and the proper take down in order to preserve the health of your hair. No musical talent required.

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