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Kurly Kit Natural Hair Subscription Box For Kids Details

Meet Esther, the 6-Year-Old Who Founded Kurly Kit, a Natural Hair Discovery Box For Kids

Meet Esther, a 6-year-old entrepreneur, football fanatic, and beauty (specifically hair-care product) enthusiast from West London. She's the founder and CEO (with the help of mum Rose) of a new beauty brand called Kurly Kit — a monthly hair-care discovery box for "kids who have curly, Afro, or wavy hair," Esther explained to POPSUGAR over Zoom. Even being so young, she was pretty much destined to be a leader in the hair-care world. "I've got a video of when Esther was 2 and she was just busy in the mirror doing her hair," Rose recalled.

Kurly Kit was designed to not only make natural hair care more fun and accessible for kids like Esther but to also save parents money and time — all while getting the highest-quality products delivered monthly at your door. So who better to design the box than a mother-daughter duo? It was clear right from the start of our Zoom call that the two were incredibly close, and Rose was keen to let Esther take control of the business and make it her own — because there's nothing like a business for kids, run by a kid. Esther, however, made sure to explain on our call that "Kurly Kit's not just for kids, it's for adults, too."

Esther and Rose wanted to create an exciting box that contained an entire hair routine while also adding an element of surprise, which comes in the form of collaborations with other non-hair-care brands. The products and collaborations are different each month with a focus on hair, including products tailored to natural hair, styling tools, and mini accessories. For £25, the June box contains Kind Natured Shampoo and Conditioner, Creme of Nature Pure Honey Knot Away Leave-In Detangler, a hair towel, a satin scrunchie, and a pin and colouring book in collaboration with another small business, Pigment Perfect.

Not only is this an incredible business venture for someone so young (not to mention inspiring for future entrepreneurs), but it's also an exciting mother-daughter project, particularly during lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Every part of the business is run by Esther and Rose — from start to finish. They both work with brands to source new products for the box, pack up each box by hand, drop them at the post office, create content for the Kurly Kit social media, and even produce merchandise. Esther, a girl after our own hearts, said that "finding new products is the best bit" about the business, and despite being just 6, she really knows her products. Her current favourite? Umberto Giannini Grow Tonic Vegan Transformative Treatment.

Image Source: Kurly Kit

This is just the beginning for Kurly Kit. More boxes and collaborations are already in the works, including a special box coming in August to coincide with Esther's birthday. As a lip-gloss-lover, she has her heart set on creating her own special "shiny" birthday lip gloss to include in the box. Beyond that, it's both Rose and Esther's dream to create their own products, including hair creams, leave-in hair conditioners, and even body butters of their own. "As the brand grows, we want our own products to be available on the website," Rose said.

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