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Peloton's Tunde Oyeneyin Shares Her Makeup and Beauty Tips

How Tunde Oyeneyin Merges Her Past Career as a Makeup Artist With Being a Peloton Instructor

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Peloton's Tunde Oyeneyin Shares Her Makeup and Beauty Tips
Image Source: Courtesy of Tunde Oyeneyin by Miguel Herrera

Tunde Oyeneyin is one of Peloton's top instructors. If you're a fan of the workout program, you've probably taken one of her classes before and know her for her high energy, contagious smile, and bright lipstick. What you may not know about her is that before she was a fitness trainer, she was a makeup artist — for 16 years.

Oyeneyin knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher, just not necessarily in school. After going to cosmetology school, she ended up working as a brand educator, but part of her heart always belonged to working out, and she dreamed of being a fitness instructor. "I just thought it was so cool, but I always said, 'That's something I'll do when I'm retired. One day, when I retire, I'll go teach a cute little class a couple of times a week,'" she told POPSUGAR. All it took was one cycling class (her first ever) during a business trip to NYC to change her mind. "At the end of that 45-minute experience, I knew that I would be cycling for the rest of my life."

She worked as a travelling makeup artist by day and a cycling instructor by night. "That literally revived my soul every night," said Oyeneyin. It was hard but "if something's important to you, you'll find a way to make it happen." After a few years, she made the switch to go full-time.

As big as the career change from makeup pro to fitness instructor sounds, Oyeneyin said it was actually a very natural transition. "So many of the same elements are infused in both worlds," she said. "I got into makeup because I loved gifting people with confidence. Being on the bike affords me the same joy. Both afford me an opportunity to make peoples' lives better."

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