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Rose Water Nails Are the Epitome of Quiet Luxury

"Rose Water" Nails Are the Epitome of Quiet Luxury

Rose Water Nails Are the Epitome of Quiet Luxury

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Quiet luxury is here to stay, and we've got the perfect nail trend to complement the aesthetic: "rose water" nails. The opposite of maximalist manicures (think: "coquette" nails and "vagina" nails), the latest look taking over social media is all about being subtle but still chic. The rose water trend features sheer, pale pinkish shades that can be worn with any outfit or makeup look, no matter the occasion.

Up until now, the most popular neutral nail looks have featured a white, milky base, hence the craze around the milk bath manicure. However, with the weather heating up, more people have been turning to warmer-toned polishes, which is exactly where "rose water" nails come in. Below, Deborah Lippmann, a celebrity manicurist and founder of the eponymous nail brand, answers all of our questions about rose water nails, from how to achieve the look at home to best nail shapes for the hue, and more.

What Are Rose Water Nails

Rose water nails are a new trend that features light and muted pink shades to achieve the look of rose water. "This trend is a great way to transition your nails from spring to summer, and it's great for nails of all lengths," Lippmann tells POPSUGAR. It also works well on all nail shapes, but Lippmann has a few favourites. "I usually gravitate toward the almond-shaped nail or traditional square shape."

Still, this trend can be customised to work on any nail shape, including round, coffin, and more, and there are many different iterations. "What I love about this trend is that you can decide if you want a lighter pink, added sparkle, or a chrome finish to really make this nail look personalized," Lippman says.

The look is neutral, classic, and chic, and perfectly emulates the "quiet luxury" trend that's been gaining popularity as of late. Tones in this manicure are naturally a bit warmer than your classic milk bath trend, which makes it the perfect nail trend for the hot months ahead.

How to Get Rose Water Nails

The first step to achieving rose water nails is prep; you'll want to push back your cuticles and file into your desired shape. Since the end result is typically a soft look without art or embellishments, you'll want to make sure your base canvas is pristine. "You should mimic the shape of your cuticle to guide the shape of your nail," Lippman says. "This is the most flattering and elongating look, but it works best when you keep a consistent nail shape."

Then, Lippman recommends starting with a base coat. Our current favourite is the Essie Here to Stay Base Coat ($11). From there, apply one to two coats of a sheer pink colour like Essie Matter of Fiction ($13). "I always seal the manicure with a top coat, this time using my Deborah Lippmann High and Dry Top Coat ($22) that is super quick-drying, so you can polish and go."

You can easily do this trend at home, but Lippmann says if you would like to spin off the trend by "adding detail or designs, then a professional would likely be more skilled in knowing what would look best with the trend as well as be able to execute it to your liking." If you're planning to head to a salon to get your hands worked on by a professional, bringing inspiration photos is key.

Best Rose Water Nail Polishes

No matter the route you decide to take, when it comes to the perfect rose water shades, you've got plenty of options. If you're planning to get gel, some of our favourite polishes for this nail trend are OPI Bubble Bath ($20), OPI Love Is in the Bare ($20), and CND Shellac Candied ($16). Otherwise, some of our favourite regular polish shades for this trend (outside of the ones listed above) include Essie Sugar Daddy ($10) and OPI Put It In Neutral ($9).

Rose Water Nails Inspiration

If you're ready to take the trend for a spin, keep scrolling to check out inspiration photos you can bring with you to your next manicure appointment.

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