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Neutral Nails Ideas For Your Sophia Richie Era

Neutral Nail Ideas For Your Stealth-Wealth Era

Neutral Nails Ideas For Your Sophia Richie Era

Nails are to an outfit what cherries are to an ice cream sundae: a detail that can take everything from good to great. Keeping them well-groomed is one way to help you feel more "put together," and part of that is choosing the perfect polish colour. Now, as fun as the recent nail trends have been — seriously, the "sea-glass" and "strawberry-milk" nails sound like something out of a movie — you can never go wrong with a neutral look.

Because of their wearability, neutral nails have long been championed by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Ritchie, and Hailey Bieber — and with good reason. Neutral colours go with practically any outfit or makeup look, and they easily transition from everyday wear to formal occasions. But don't be confused: that doesn't mean neutral colours are boring. In fact, they are some of the most versatile manicures you can get and at any time of the year. Whether it's a standalone neutral nail colour or a few coats used as a base shade to prepare for more intricate designs, your polish collection is simply not complete without a few neutral options.

To make it easier to choose, allow us to provide all the neutral nail ideas that you can reference over the next few weeks. From "digital lavender" nails to "glazed-doughnut" finishes, or even the buzzy "milk-bath" manicure, we rounded up the best neutral nails for your pinning pleasure ahead.

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