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U-Part Wigs: Installation, Hairstyle Ideas, and Cost

U-Part Wigs: Your Answer to Easy Summer Hairstyles

U-Part Wigs: Installation, Hairstyle Ideas, and Cost
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  • U-part wigs are a protective style that can make styling your hair much easier.
  • The wigs come in a variety of lengths and shapes, depending on your personal preferences.
  • A professional hairstylist breaks down what you should know ahead.

As fun as it is to switch up your nail and makeup routines during the summer months, it can be a lot of work. Sure, you could try a trend like the wet-hair look or feathered bangs (which just scream "doing it for the gram"), but creating a new hairstyle every day can get tiring. One easy solution? Protective styles, especially those that involve U-part wigs.

U-part wigs are an easy way to achieve a preferred hairstyle without damaging your hair or having to put in as much work as you would styling your natural hair. "U-part wigs are hair extensions that are sewn on a U-shaped wig cap," professional hairstylist Arlene Martin tells POPSUGAR. "They can either be sewn in or clipped in with hair clips."

You may be wondering how exactly U-part wigs diverge from traditional wigs, namely lace fronts, and the answer lies in the difference in coverage. "U-part wigs differ from traditional wigs because they reveal the person's natural hair in the very front to blend in with the overall texture and cover the rest of the wig tracks," Martin says. "A lace-front wig, on the other hand, covers the entire head with no leave out."

If this is your first time entering the world of wigs, Martin suggests getting a bit more familiar with them before spending money on one. "Instead of buying a wig blindly, go into a wig store and try some on in your spare time to get the desired fit, style, and length you want," she says. To narrow down your options — and since you want the blend to be as seamless as possible — Martin suggests going for a natural-hair wig instead of a synthetic option your first time.

While the cost of U-part wigs varies, you can expect to pay about £200 and up, depending on the length and quality of the hair. Ready to give U-part wigs a try? We rounded up some of the best styles on Instagram ahead.

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