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What Is Microneedling? Benefits, Cost, and More

What Is Microneedling? 2 Dermatologists Explain

What Is Microneedling? Benefits, Cost, and More
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  • Microneedling is a popular skin-care treatment.
  • The benefits of microneedling include reducing signs of ageing and fading acne scars.
  • If you've wondered, what does microneedling do? We have answers.

They say beauty is pain, but how far are you willing to go in the name of good skin? Microneedling, a trendy skin-care treatment where — yup — tiny needles are applied to the face, might make you ponder that question a little harder. It's one thing to consider yourself an expert in at-home skin care; building out a multistep routine that actually works is an accomplishment worth celebrating. But once you step inside a dermatologist's office, it's a whole different ball game. Professional treatments are typically more potent and invasive, leading to steeper costs and more "extreme" application methods. On those fronts, microneedling is one worth talking about.

But what does microneedling do, you ask? Like any skin-care treatment, it has its nuances, pros, and cons. It also has a long list of potential benefits (i.e., reducing acne scars and signs of ageing) that make it a celebrity go-to. But before taking the plunge, you might be looking to gather as much information as possible. What is microneedling, and is it really worth the hype (and the price)? Are the at-home tools just as good? And, is microneedling worth it, really?

We reached out to dermatologists Joshua Zeichner, MD, and Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, to answer our burning questions. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to microneedling.

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